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Mecca police saved three women from being raped earlier this week, after one of the victims secretly called for help.

According to Ajel news site, the victims knew the two defendants in the case, one of whom previously held a top post in a prestigious bank. 

On the day of the incident, the two men invited the women to lunch and picked them up from outside a college. 

However, once in the car, the victims noticed the assaulters were taking a detour and asked them where they were heading. 

One of the men replied saying that because it was time for prayer, the restaurant they were going to was closed and so they had to go wait in his apartment. 

The women were then attacked ...

The moment the group set foot in the apartment, both men tried to assault the women. 

That's when one of the victims pulled out her phone and called Mecca's Al Mansour Police Department, asking for help. 

Police arrived in time to save the women, however, they also arrested them along with the rapists. 

It remains unclear why the victims were arrested. Many on social media suggest it's due to the fact that it's strictly illegal for women in Saudi Arabia to be in private places with men who are not related to them. 

All five individuals have now been detained and will be investigated further in the case. 

The shocking incident is now making the rounds online

People are shocked...

"This happened in the kingdom?"

And upset over the news...

"This is so terrifying."

Many are thanking authorities for intervening

"A security accomplishment that deserves gratitude." 

Some think it's OK to blame the victims of the assault

"This is 100 percent the women's fault, why did they go up to this man's apartment?"

Others are even calling on them to be punished...

"I think justice must take its course, all of them must get the same punishment because they're all guilty." 

Many are having none of that though...

"All these comments and no one spoke against the rapists."