Muslims around the world have begun observing Ramadan, and luckily, the start of the holy month saw more than just the regular "not even water" questions. 

Celebrities from around the world wished all Muslims observing the holy month a Ramadan Kareem ... here's a look:

1. American singer Halsey got a bit "closer" with her Muslim fans

2. British duo "Play Dirty" sent love with a bunch of emojis

3. American artist Russ was straight to the point

4. Krewella, an American electronic dance music band, also joined the conversation

5. American actor and director, LeVar Burton, kept it pretty simple

6. Palestinian-Jordanian-Canadian rapper sent "all my brothers and sisters" a thoughtful message

7. fouseyTUBE wished everyone a "blessed month"

8. Several WWE superstars shared their thoughts in a video

9. Former South African footballer, too!

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