Here we go again, another day, another cringe-worthy statement from a man of status - who (unfortunately) has over a million followers who read his random thoughts. 

As if the abundant patriarchy - that inherently makes men feel more entitled than women - isn't enough, it feels necessary for some people to put women down ... because, you know, they're the weaker kind and such.

A ray of sunshine is, however, breaking through the dark clouds of ignorance and oppression, and women (sometimes men, too) are not accepting idiotic rhetorics no more

This probably (definitely) explains the uproar caused by a recent tweet posted by Kuwaiti social media personality and TV host Hamad Al-Ali (known as Hamad Qalam). 

In it, the celebrity claims men are "instinctively polygamous" and "can never be satisfied with the love of one woman."

"A truth every woman must realize... a man is instinctively polygamous, it's impossible for him to be satisfied with the love of one woman. I am ready to swear on this." 

The sexist post caught the attention of many Arab women who are fed up of this kind of rhetoric that's constantly being pushed on them, because choosing to be faithful to one partner isn't a matter of "instinct" or gender ... but rather a decision.

One woman made sure to highlight that idea in a slapstick response to the tweet, in which she wrote"We're the same, don't think you're the only man in a woman's life."

Another responded to the tweet with a message to all Arab men who think they're the focal point of the world. "A man has become the thing a woman couldn't care less about," she wrote

"'Instinct' after Hamad Qalam's tweet"

Some tried to defend the Kuwaiti celebrity's tweet by saying what he wrote doesn't go against the teachings of Islam because the faith allows polygamy for men.

However, what they forgot to mention was that dear polygamy is only permissible under a very tight set of conditions. In addition to that, there are Quranic verses that make Islam-approved polygamy near impossible to attain, even when conditions for it apply.

Surat An-Nisaa states a man can only marry more than one woman if he treats her and all his other wives "equally."

The surah then decrees: "You will never be able to be equal between wives, even if you should strive to do so." 

"Is this your new excuse?"

Therefore, using religion to put forth the idea that it's impossible for men to commit to one woman in a relationship or marriage is no longer an option. You know what else isn't an option anymore? The gender permissibility game so many Arab men play to excuse their sexist behaviors. 

Arab women should be entitled to the same things Arab men in our societies are, whether that's in love, marriage, or anything else.