This season, huge thunderstorms and severe rainfall have replaced the usual spring breeze across the Gulf countries including the UAE.

Over the weekend, a storm hit the country, wreaking havoc on its emirates and sparking quite the online meltdown. Thousands of images and videos capturing the unstable weather conditions circulated online including one posted by none other than Dubai's Prince Hamdan.

On Saturday, the royal uploaded a breathtaking slow motion clip of the moment lightning struck Burj Khalifa to his social media accounts.

"When lightning strikes the world's tallest building"

This video left everyone speechless

People were pretty impressed with the clip


"Nature is pure magic"

Not the first time the prince captures stunning weather phenomena

The prince is known as an avid lover of photography and often shares stills captured by himself online.

This isn't the first time he posts a video or image of storms and lightning hitting Dubai. In March, he posted similar footage of thunder striking Burj Al Arab. 

Who could forget this post?

Remember the stunning fog clip?

And the magical sky time-lapse

Clouds like you've never seen them before