An Israeli spacecraft - known as the Beresheet - attempted to fly to the Moon. Instead, it crashed onto the lunar surface following the main engine's failure upon landing.

It was considered to be the first privately-funded mission to the moon with an aim to "take pictures and conduct experiments," according to the BBC.

Its failure to land successfully prompted a celebration among advocates of the Palestinian cause. Why? Because it felt like Luna, the ancient Roman goddess of the Moon, was on Palestine's side. 

1. "Luna showing solidarity"

2. "The moon doesn't want apartheid"

3. "Even the moon stands in solidarity with Palestine"

4. "Next time put the whole state on the ship"

5. "They would be away from the rest of humanity where they belong"

6. "Are they trying to illegally occupy the moon as well?"

7. "What a joke"

8. "Not satisfied with wrecking your neighbors lands, but you you [sic] wreck the lunar surface too"