Earlier this week, Kuwaiti customs arrested a group of men arriving from a Khaleeji country after alcohol was found in their luggage. 

According to media reports, the detainees were carrying seven cans of beer and a bottle of Vodka when they were stopped by airport security. 

The men have since been referred to concerned authorities, who are set to take further action in the case.

Given that the sale, ownership, and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Gulf state, the defendants will now face legal issues and might also be deported from the country.

News of the "Heineken beer" arrest led to a hilarious online meltdown

While some did attack the men for violating Kuwait's rules

"They deserve this." 

"Mashallah and they're so confidently entering the country as if nothing's wrong"

Others just couldn't even with the news and reacted with sarcasm

"Honestly, such a respectable bust, seven cans of beer and a bottle of alcohol. Had those been missed, young people here would have been destroyed." 

"What kind of bust is this? So embarrassing"

"To correct your information, one third a bottle of Vodka"

The jokes were endless

"Is that mouse an advert or does it have nothing to do with the bust?"

"Maybe they thought those were 7 Up cans"

"They left those smuggling 10,000 cartons of alcohol and caught these poor men"