A British tourist visiting Dubai racked up 170,000 dirhams ($47,643) in speeding fines within three hours as he drove 240 km/h on Sheikh Zayed Road, according to Emarat Al Youm.

On July 30, the visitor rented a Lamborghini Huracan worth 1.3 million dirhams ($353,919), and by July 31 - the next day - he was caught speeding by every single radar on one of Dubai's busiest roads.

In total, the reckless motorist was found to be driving above the speed limit 33 times.

Subsequently, the dealership - from which the vehicle was rented - started receiving notifications of the speeding fines, covering a period from 2.30 am until 6 am on July 31.

"He was driving at 230 and 240 kilometers per hour," said Mohammed Ibrahim, the car rental business owner.

Pictured: Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road Source: The National UAE

At present, the speed limit on Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road is 120 km/h but motorists are allowed to drive up to 140 km/h on the way towards Abu Dhabi.

The speeding fines amounted to 70,000 dirhams ($19,057) for 12 violations caught by radar, with an additional 105,000 dirhams ($28,585) to cover the cost of recovering the car that was impounded following the tourist's speeding violations.

What the UAE traffic law says

Under the new traffic laws implemented in the UAE last year, the fine for exceeding the speed limit by 80 km/h stands at 3,000 dirhams, along with 23 black points and a 60-day car confiscation.