On Monday, two Arab countries went head-to-head (foot-to-foot to be more precise) during FIFA's 2018 World Cup ... and the outcome left many in a state of disbelief.

Saudi Arabia's national team won against Egypt with a final score of 2-1. Both teams had already been eliminated from their groups, so a different result wouldn't have seen Egypt progress to the final rounds of the football tournament.

Although it wasn't the case, people had expected much more from the African nation... because well, Mohamed Salah.

So, naturally, commentary followed in the form of finest Arab sarcasm and humor...

1. On the fact that both teams are heading home

2. "When you've finally scored, but remember you're going back to KSA"

3. *Packs bags prior to game*

4. Saudi Arabia and Egypt's national teams ... as they depart from Russia

5. "Before & After"

6. On the referee's "favoritism"

7. He might as well "join the Saudis as a 12th player"

8. "Does the referee wanna score a goal?"

9. Reenacting cartoon scenes or playing football?

10. Everybody's MOOD in a nutshell

11. *Holds flag while World Cup is live ... but watches favorite TV series instead*

12. On Mo Salah breaking hearts, and getting his heart broken

13. On Egypt letting the world down

14. Still, pride wins over!