On June 24, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, arrived in Jordan to mark the beginning of his five-day tour of the Middle East. 

Upon arrival, the British royal was welcomed by Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein ... and it went beyond the formal setting.

The two royals got together to watch a rerun of Sunday's FIFA World Cup match (England vs Panama) at the Beit Al Urdan Palace in Amman. 

Of course, the activity had to be documented on social media. The 23-year-old crown prince posted a photo of the two of them via his Instagram account with a caption that reads:

"Having a relaxing evening with His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, after his first day in #OurJordan."

Kensington Palace's official Twitter account also shared the epic photos

People were taken aback by Jordan's crown prince

Like really taken aback ...

He seemed to be the topic of discussion among many

"BRB ... booking a flight to Jordan"

"So cool"

"Just some bros watching sports"

"So laid back"

It seems as though the two bonded heavily!

Prince William visited the ancient city of Jerash and attempted to recreate a photo of his wife, Kate Middleton, which was taken at the exact same spot over 30 years ago.

Middleton spent almost three years in Jordan as a child, while her father was a manager for British Airways. William said that her family "remembers very fondly" their time in Jordan, according to The Independent.

Prince William praised "historic ties and friendship" with Jordan

Prince William also praised "historic ties and friendship" with Jordan, boasting the kingdom's commitment to Syrian and Palestinian refugees. 

William "is very pleased that this visit will allow him to begin a relationship with Crown Prince Hussein that will be important in the decades to come," said William's spokesman, according to PEOPLE.

Kensington Palace tweeted that Prince William was "looking forward to building a real and enduring relationship with the people of the region."

On Monday night, the British royal arrived in Israel and is expected to make it out to the Occupied Palestinian territories on Wednesday.