Whether it's the World Cup, Euro Cup, Champions League, El Clásico... there is a special place in the hearts of Arabs when it comes to football.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is officially here. For Arabs, that basically translates to: "my social life no longer exists unless it's World Cup-related."

Don't believe us? These posts perfectly describe Arabs' relationship with the World Cup ... any time, any place.

1. The World Cup is always a priority, ALWAYS

2. World Cup season wardrobe actually exists

3. We live to hear Arabic commentators during the season

4. Massive gatherings are kind of a must

5. Football matches + arguileh = BEST COMBO

6. Yelling at the TV is a tradition that cannot disappear

7. Wherever the player is ... we need to scream "SHOOT IT"

8. Adding Arabic music to the backdrop of games is essential