Scotland's Celtic Football Club has been fined thousands of euros for its fans' demonstration of solidarity with Palestinians. But, that has not fazed the fans' loyalty to the Palestinian cause. 

Over the weekend, Celtic fans showcased their unwavering support for Palestine yet again, in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial and widely-condemned recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

During a match held at Edinburgh's Easter Road stadium, the fans raised Palestinian flags as well as huge banners blasting Trump's decision. 

"Jerusalem is Palestine. Fuck Trump," the banners read

Last week, Trump caused a global uproar after officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announcing plans for the construction of a new U.S. embassy to Israel in the occupied Palestinian city.

Refusing to skip an opportunity to stand up for the Palestinians, fans of the Glasgow-based team joined in on the global protest against Trump's decision.

The fans had one simple message for the U.S. president: "Jerusalem is Palestine," one banner read. 

In another banner, they blatantly addressed the president with expletive language, writing "Fuck Trump." 

People on social media are lauding the fans for their gesture:

And the "Most Pro-Palestinian Fan Club" award goes to ...

"A simple but perfect message"


The fan's solidarity inspired this work of art

Palestinians are thanking them for the gesture

Gotta love Celtic fans!

Not the first time the club's fans stand up for Palestine

Celtic fans, who won FIFA's 2017 Best Fan Award, are known for getting political in the stadium and expressing solidarity with Palestine.

Their support has actually cost the club thousands of euros in fines, but the fans do not seem to be backing down. 

In 2016, they raised the Palestinian flag during a match against an Israeli team, leading Europe's football governing body to fine the club £82,000 ($109,310) for the political statement. 

In a brilliant comeback, the fans decided to raise an amount equal to the fine and donate it to Palestinian refugees.  

According to the Middle East Monitor, the fans actually exceeded their target and raised over £160,000 ($213,390) for Palestine. 

Daily Record reports that the club is penalized under the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) rule that forbids the use of "gestures, words, objects or any other means to transmit any message that is not fit for a sports event, particularly messages that are of a political, ideological, religious, offensive or provocative nature." 

Whether or not the UEFA will penalize the club for the latest demonstration remains to be seen.