An Egyptian version of the American legal drama series Suits will hit the screens in the upcoming years, Variety Middle East revealed late last week.

Egypt's TVision Media Production is reportedly set to produce a localized adaptation of the famous television series, having purchased remake rights from NBCUniversal International.

TVision CEO Tarek Ganainy has emphasized that the remake will be "an adaptation, not a translation," explaining that it will be relevant to Arab audiences. 

Move over NYC ... The remake will be set in Cairo

Arab fans of the long-running show, which revolves around a smart college dropout who works for a hotshot lawyer in New York, will soon get to watch a version of it with an Arab twist.

Despite having a similar plot to the original show, the remake will be set in Cairo and localized in a way that makes the audience "feel that it's an Arabic show," according to Ganainy.

The show will not be exclusive to Egypt, as the company has been promoting it to different broadcasters in the Middle East.

PopSugar noted that the Arabic remake is the second-reported adaptation of the American show, after the Korean version that is set to debut in 2018.

Renowned scriptwriter Mohamed Hefzy is on-board

TVision, which also produces the Arabic version of Saturday Night Live, is fully funding the first season of the remake. 

Shooting is slated to begin in June, but the screenplay is already underway. 

Renowned Egyptian producer and scriptwriter Mohamed Hefzy, who has notably produced the films Sheikh Jackson and Clash, is leading a "team of young writers" working on the script.

As for casting, it has not yet been finalized, so we will have to wait a bit longer to find out who will take the lead roles of Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, Rachel Zane, and of course, the brilliant Donna Paulsen.