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She was once banned from going to school in her hometown, but is now headed to the top university in the world. Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai, is taking the world by storm against all odds. 

On Thursday, the 20-year-old announced that she has been accepted to the United Kingdom's prestigious University of Oxford, which was ranked as the number one university in the world for 2016-2017 by the Times Higher Education.

Yousafzai, the world’s youngest Nobel laureate, tweeted a screenshot of her acceptance to Oxford, after the announcement of the A-level exam results - a subject-based prerequisite exam required by schools in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, Yousafzai received an offer from Oxford, which was conditional on achieving three As at A-level.

Speaking of the admission process, Yousafzai previously told The Guardian that it was "the hardest interview of my life [...] I just get scared when I think of the interview."

Having fulfilled the required criteria, she is now set to study philosophy, politics, and economics, commonly known as PPE, which The Guardian describes as "the Oxford degree that runs Britain".

"I enjoyed my school years, and I am excited for my future," she wrote about graduating from school. "But I can’t help thinking of millions of girls around the world who won’t complete their education."

Congratulations came pouring in

Congrats to Oxford, actually

Her father is beyond proud

The pride is real

"Thank God for Malala"

A source of inspiration for girls around the world

"Take that, Taliban"

So-fittingly named after Malalai of Maiwand, a famous Pashtun poet and warrior woman from southern Afghanistan, Yousafzai has been a source of inspiration for young women around the world. 

At only 20 years old, she has already won a Nobel Peace Prize, become a United Nations Messenger of Peace, founded the non-profit Malala Fund, and co-wrote the international bestseller, I am Malala.

This came after she fled her home country where she was shot by members of the Taliban, a radical Islamic group, in an attempt to murder her for campaigning for girls' right to education.