On Thursday, a white van drove through the crowds at Las Ramblas area in the heart of the city of Barcelona, leaving 13 people dead and more than 100 others injured. 

The attack was soon followed by another in Cambrils. Overall, five alleged terrorists were killed after encounters with police.

Citizens from 24 countries are among those affected by the terror attack. 

Three Germans and one Belgian are among those confirmed to be dead. France says 26 of its citizens are among those injured, along with four from Australia, four from the Netherlands, three from Greece, one from Hong Kong, and one from America. 

Following the horrific incident, Spain's prime minister described the attack as "jihadi terrorism" - and the so-called Islamic State (or Daesh) soon claimed responsibility for the attack, according to The National.

Police have confirmed one suspect, Driss Oukabir – a Moroccan-born Spanish resident – after personal documents were found at the scene.

The 28-year-old was arrested after turning himself in as his name and photo began circulating in the media. However, Oukabir says his passport and ID were stolen and that he played no role in the attack. 

A second suspect, who remains unnamed, was also arrested on Thursday night. It was confirmed that he was born in the Spanish territory of Melilla in northern Morocco, according to The Guardian. 

Thanks to Islamophobia, people began associating Morocco with Islam ... and Islam with terrorism.  Laura Loomer, a right-wing journalist, tweeted out a blatant example of broad generalizations.

But, now is not the time for Islamophobia. Now is the time for solidarity and unity, and Muslims are challenging the narrative by doing exactly this.

Because if anyone knows what it means to suffer from terrorism, it's Muslims. 

First things first: "Terrorism has no religion"

Global hearts and minds unite

"Such senseless loss of life"

When will the violence, hate and bigotry end?

"May we collectively overcome the evil that continues to plague our world"

Because in reality "our planet is in tatters"

A brief reminder of history