British author J.K. Rowling is known for her clever and witty tweets, and U.S. President Donald Trump has long been a favorite target.

On Thursday, the Harry Potter author pointed out a bizarre "success" Trump can now claim. The U.S. President has somehow managed to "bring the Middle East together."

In the wake of White Supremacist protests in Virginia, which left one counter-demonstrator dead and many others injured over the weekend, Trump defended the protesters, referring to some of them as "very fine" people.

Considering the White Supremacists were carrying Nazi and Confederate flags while promoting an overtly anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, and anti-Black ideology, world leaders have been quick to criticize Trump's response. 

Rowling noted on Twitter how the President's comments actually made two of the Middle East's biggest rivals agree on something.

That's right ... Iran and Israel both condemned Trump's comments

And then a hilarious conversation between fans followed ...

Is it funny or "unfunny"?

Then "Iranian dissent"

But the "most Persian" guy cleared things up ...

Others had a more apocalyptic outlook

Is Trump the "anti-Christ" ... or nah?

Or is Trump just a "minion"?

There's definitely a lot of very valid questions floating around about Trump and his response to White Supremacists and White terrorists. 

But, for now, maybe he can claim this whole thing as a small step in his administration's "Middle East Peace" plan.

What's the strategy exactly? Unite everyone against one common enemy? Hmm ...