Attacked doctor (in grey) and Dr. Al Rabia (in traditional clothes) Source: Twitter/SaudiMOH

Late on Thursday, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health announced that its officials will take legal action against a Saudi national who launched a racist rant at a Sudanese doctor because the latter refused to give him a fake sick leave letter. 

A two-minute audio of the rant, which was allegedly recorded on a mobile phone, is now widely spreading on social media. 

In it, the racist Saudi man can be heard verbally abusing the doctor, calling him a 'black slave' and a 'filthy animal.'

In their statement on the matter, Saudi's Ministry of Health said that authorities have identified the attacker and he will be prosecuted. 

Officials added that the person who recorded and shared the audio will soon be identified and will also be charged. 

In the few hours after the audio went viral, Saudi Arabia's Health Minister, Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabia, released a statement thanking the expat doctor for his adamance on applying the ministry's rules. 

Al Rabia also added that attacks of this nature will never be tolerated by anyone in the kingdom. 

A sickening rant

Outrage on social media

The offensive rant hasn't only angered authorities in the kingdom, it also sparked outrage among people on social media. 

As soon as the recorded audio began to make the rounds online, thousands took to Twitter, responding to it via the now-viral hashtag: 'A racist man attacks a doctor.'

"This kind of racism doesn't reflect any mature, well-mannered Saudi. We apologize to our Sudanese brothers. A human being is nothing without decent morals." 

"This is a clear and simple definition of racism"

"This regressive man only represents himself"

Hundreds sent out heartfelt apologies to the doctor

"On behalf of myself and my family, I extend my apologies to you and to any other expat who has ever faced anything similar. The person who did this doesn't represent my country." 

Others called for immediate action

"Apologetic statements lead to nothing! Regressive, racist people can only be stopped when laws that criminalize racism are passed." 

"We have to pass a law that protects doctors in the country, they've always faced attacks and this leaves them living and working in fear."

Authorities take action and meet attacked doctor

Soon after Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabia issued a statement condemning the racist attack, he also met with the Sudanese doctor in his office, reiterating his stand on the matter. 

In a video that is now circulating on social media, Al Rabia is seen praising the doctor for the way he handled the entire situation, promising him that proper action will be taken against the perpetrator of the attack.