Not only is Israel guilty of land theft, it is guilty of cultural appropriation, particularly when it comes to Palestinian food. 

In a recent tweet, Tel Aviv-Yafo's Mayor's Office's official Twitter initiative @TelAviv - shared a photo of the mouthwatering dessert "baklawa," except it's not even baklawa, it's "kunafah," a traditional Palestinian dessert at the core.

If you're gonna steal someone else's culture, at least get your facts right, the internet responded. And it's pure savagery. 

First, history was brought up

Drawing parallels soon followed

The mockery was savage AF

Twitter users wanted to do one thing: set the record straight

"Even the one thing you know is wrong"

"You are an idiot. It is basically everything you need to know"

"I'm not even Arab and even I know"

"You are trying to convince people that this is your land ... and this is your dish"

But ... "imagine stealing a dessert and getting its name wrong"

Getting the name right is basically the first step...

"Not surprised y'all call knafeh baklawa, you also call Palestine Israel"

This is basically like "when you copy your friend's homework but they tell you to change it around a bit"