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Unofficial future Egyptian president, Mohamed Salah, has his popularity spread so fast ... it even reached Israel. 

In a mini series of tweets on Tuesday, Israel's minister of defense, Avigdor Liberman, tweeted his opinion regarding Liverpool, saying "Liverpool is great"... but continued with "but I still prefer the IDF." 

In a consecutive tweet, he targeted the Player of the Year and probably the most popular muslim footballer of all times, and jokingly wrote about his intensions of recruiting Salah for "permanent service."

Israel's minister of defense's tweet #1

Tweet #1 Source: Twitter/AvigdorLiberman

Israel's minister of defense's tweet #2

Tweet #2 Source: Twitter/AvigdorLiberman

Liberman tweeted with a sarcastic tone, calling on Israel's chief of staff to enroll Salah in the Israeli army.

What he might have expected - or not - is Arabs coming in full force with sarcasm and harsh tweets, sitting Liberman back in his occupier of a chair. 

Arabs were beyond upset and didn't shy away from tweeting their opinions. 

Few words: "Stop it"

Arabs couldn't handle the idea of Israelis mentioning the name of Salah

They reminded Liberman of past events

"This is a reminder for you vile man, you minister of the filthiest mercenary army. Salah shut you all up on the ground of Sinai."

"You took our land and now wanna take our men too !!"

"Keep away from our son"

Arabs were upset...

"If Salah reads this tweet he would spit in your face, you frauds, you children and women murderers."

... extremely upset

"Shut up you animal. Mohamed Salah is your master and the son of Egypt and its army. The same army that wiped the floor with you back in 1973. Never say his name again." 

Egyptians hit back hard

"Mohamed Salah refused to shake hands with your footballers. You're stupid, you can never buy Egyptians."

Tweeps were smart to write in all three languages Liberman would understand

"Salah is better than working with tyrants"

Saudi humor made an appearance

"The only way to enroll him is on the PlayStation."