In a hilarious incident this week, a video circulating online shows two restaurant mascots fighting in a mall in Kuwait... and it's going viral on Twitter. 

Both the yellow and green mascots seem to belong to the international fast food chain, Burger King.

As the fight escalated, a man in traditional clothes approached the quarrel and attempted to stop it. The yellow mascot pushed and hit the green one, producing a rain of what appeared to be flyers - perhaps promoting the restaurant.  

Another man, probably a tourist, then approached the green mascot - that was obviously still not done and went for another punch at his yellow counterpart - trying to stop the fight. 

Kuwaiti tweeps had a good laugh at the sight of this video, and made sure to share their theories and sarcasm on the social media platform.

Here's what they had to say. 

Let's start with a video from a different perspective... the upper floor of the mall

Jokes made an appearance

"This is what happens when you put your meals in a microwave." 

Some suggested a good solution

"They need someone who's hungry."

A spot-on comparison

"Twix's right bar isn't like its left one."

Tweeps were cheering the fighters


People couldn't stop laughing...

... at all

"What does Kuwait have besides meal fights?"

"The brain is a blessing"

Then... "ad" theories were there

"Seems like an ad."

Many believed in that theory

"Now, is this an ad or real? Both ways it's hilarious."

"Beautiful ad"

"This ad is genius"

But some tweeps needed answers

"Who did what?"