Controversial British media personality Katie Hopkins is no stranger to attacking Muslims and Islam at every chance she gets. But, her latest remarks come in response to New Zealand's immense show of solidarity with the Muslim community following the terrorist attack on two mosques.

In a video posted to Twitter, Hopkins appears in a black hijab, seconds before ripping it off on camera. 

"It's all very sad. We're all very sad. Everything that happened in Christchurch was wrong. It was a horrible terror attack. We can all condemn it. But, do we, must we, prostrate everything we are, everything our culture is - must we give that up to show how sorry we are?" she says in the video. 

She then mocks New Zealand's Prime Minister for wearing a hijab out of respect for Muslims. She continues by critiquing the country's decision to broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer (adhan) in memory of those killed in the horrific attacks.

Hopkins thinks basic human decency = giving up one's culture

Hopkins' video has amassed over 1.27 million views on Twitter. But, the comments are not void of trolls. The British media personality is pretty familiar with the process of trolling ... and getting trolled in return. 

This time, she was shut down big time for spreading such hate - let alone during such a tragic time.

"What culture???"

Where's #EggBoyHero when we need him?

"It's a show of unity"

"How she gonna make a tragedy where 50 people died about her?"

"My culture is nothing like your hateful divisive derisive culture"

"Don't speak for New Zealand. Our culture is inclusive. We can speak for ourselves"

Literally no one ... except for Katie Hopkins

"Our culture is built on decency, respect & kindness"

"50 Muslims died and you're worried about white xenophobic culture"

"Can you do everyone a favor and disappear?"