From posting hilarious responses to most frequently asked questions about Islam to taking a stance on important issues, Sheikh Azhar Nasser, a Muslim cleric and scholar, is ruling Twitter. 

Things were no different over the weekend, when controversial British media personality Katie Hopkins tweeted at the Florida-based lecturer, in response to a tweet he had directed at U.S. President Donald Trump. 

In his post, Sheikh Nasser hit back at Trump after a supreme court allowed his Muslim travel ban to go into effect.  

In her response to it, Hopkins asked Sheikh Nasser why Muslims always seek asylum in Christian countries and not in an "Arab land." 

His comeback? Nothing short of epic. 

First, the racist columnist tweeted this at Sheikh Nasser...

Then, he completely shut her down

With a few epic responses

People sure took note...

Some joined him in, raising this important point

Many commended Nasser on his response...

"Excellent reply to that old 'Trout', Shaykh"

A few just couldn't even

After all, Nasser is the king of Twitter burns

Dear Ms. Hopkins...