Last week, the lives of 50 people in New Zealand became victim to an act of hate, an act of terrorism. 

In solidarity with all those affected by the horrific attacks on two mosques, women across New Zealand are donning the hijab in a show of solidarity with Muslims and Islam. 

The idea was initially brought forth by a doctor in the city of Auckland, New Zealand. Thaya Ashman did so after hearing about a woman "who was too scared to go out as she felt her headscarf would make her a target for terrorism," according to Reuters

"I wanted to say: 'We are with you, we want you to feel at home on your own streets, we love, support and respect you'," Ashman said.

The hashtag #HeadscarfForHarmony is proof that humanity is not dead yet. Hundreds of women - from New Zealand and around the world - are standing alongside Muslims following the tragic shooting by posting images of them in hijab. 

"It's a simple invitation to the whole of New Zealand to show our support, but also to recognize our grief as New Zealanders," Ashman said.

Starting with New Zealand's Prime Minister

Last week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won the respect of millions around the world when she wore a black hijab when meeting members of the Muslim community following the shootings. On Friday, the country came together in a national day of reflection, which saw Muslims and non-Muslims, including Ardern, appear in hijab.

During the service, the Muslim Call to Prayer (adhan) was broadcast across the country followed by two minutes of silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the terror attack.

The hijab, which has long been assumed to be a sign of oppression, is now a sign of unity. A sign of respect for Muslim women, Islam, and all religions. 

"I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters"

"To pay respect and show our support to the Muslim community"

"Standing with our Muslim sisters"

"A simple gesture of support"

"Against hate and violence of any kind"

"Defeat Islamophobia"

"I have never seen this kind of solidarity in my entire life"