It’s that time of year again. Egyptians, like most Muslims around the world, have been preparing for the holy month. 

But Ramadan in Egypt has a unique atmosphere that you can't find anywhere else.

Here is how you know that Ramadan has come to Egypt:

1. You always have that one relative or family friend who asks you 'sayma walla zay kol sana?', which roughly means 'are you planning to fast this year?'

2. Ramadan equals 'mosalsalat!' Get ready for the biggest Egyptian TV series marathon ever!

3. Ramadan in Egypt is nothing without desserts, and especially not without “konafa”. Egyptians are very innovative when it comes to creating new variations of the sweetened cheese dish!

4. 'Foul' and yogurt are two sacred meals during suhoor

5. The 'mesharati' will come to feel like a family member. He tours your neighborhood, hammering a repetitive beat to wake you up for suhoor

6. Egyptians are very serious about being extra hospitable in Ramadan, being full is not an option

7. TV and radio stations play the famous “Ramadan Gana” song non-stop