In Lebanon, there are certain expressions that will sound genuine, reassuring even, to unsuspecting ears. 

If you’re Lebanese, you've probably lost count of the times you’ve heard such phrases and know better than to fall for any of them. 

But for those of you who are unfamiliar with Lebanese culture, here is a list of commonly used Lebanese phrases that should send you running the other way.

1. "3a mas2ouliyte"

Legend says that this expression magically resolves any and all trust issues, forging a sacred bond between a complete stranger and yourself. It is usually paired with the infamous "ma btousa2 fiye?" 

2. "7ott idek bi mayy berde"

We realize that it’s supposed to make us feel better ... but it really shouldn't. 

3. "Ma te3tal hamm"

Just. Keep. Walking.

And if they throw in a “walaw” in there, RUN! 

4. "Yalla ... soret wasel"

Upon hearing this phrase, feel free to take a walk around town, do some shopping, pick up some laundry... Depending on how Lebanese your friend is, you may want to start reading a new book, or books.

5. "Khallina neb2a na3mol shi"

We are all guilty of returning the lie with a perky “akiiiid”.

6. "Ebne l awal bil saff"

We are yet to find a kid who comes in second.

7. And finally, the expression that makes its way onto every list …"Inshallah"