She converted to Islam, he gave up the throne to marry her; it seemed like the former king of Malaysia and the Russian beauty queen were going to live happily ever after. But the sparkle didn't last long as they split up just months after tying the knot. At the time, it was unclear why the former Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan divorced Oksana Voevodina, who is 22 years his junior. 

The model and the sultan wed in a low-key Islamic ceremony in Malaysia in June 2018 which was followed by another wedding in Moscow, Russia in November of that year. It was pretty royal but that doesn't mean it was bound to last forever. Last year, the ex-king divorced the former Miss Moscow under the controversial Islamic practice of instant divorce aka triple talaq. But the problems ignited long before that. 

It's recently been revealed that the Russian beauty queen fell into a manhole just two days after she married the former Malaysian king. Just 48 hours after the wedding, Voevodina said she was yelled at by a Czech model who claimed to be the ex-king's wife upon answering his phone.

According to The Daily Mail, the former spouses are currently at war over a financial settlement and over the paternity of Voevodina's nine-month-old son, who the former king denies any relation to.

Matters worsened last month when Voevodina posted footage of her baby son destroying pictures of his alleged father. And now the king's ex-wife has revealed the details of how their marriage fell apart. Just two days after they wedded, she answered her husband's phone while he was in the bathroom as someone named "Bob" was calling. 

"His phone rang, displaying the name Bob. I was sure it was his mate or his American friend who wanted to congratulate us on the wedding," Voevodina recently told a local news channel.

"I picked up the phone and heard a hysterical female voice yelling at me: 'I am his wife. And never dare to pick up the phone of my husband'," she added.

The Russian beauty queen said the Czech woman goes by the name Diana Petra, her Islamic name. She said that was the moment that ignited hostilities between her and her husband.

After the former king came out of the bathroom, the model asked what was going on. 

"He took the phone and went into another room. He came back after a while and told me it's his former wife who didn't know about me and got upset. He also said there [sic] some questions between them about the property were not sorted out yet."

The model says Sultan Muhammad had told her she was his only wife. "My wedding certificate was given to the first and the only wife," she said. But it turns out the Czech woman had contacted the Russian model's father, claiming she was still married to the royal. 

That's one side of the story. Another claims the divorce was also due to the fact that the beauty queen took part in a 2013 reality TV show in which she was seen in a swimming pool in Mexico. Whatever the reason is, the royal union took a dishonorable turn pretty quickly ... and it seems like the trouble has just begun.