The list of bizarre Arab divorces continues to grow with one case after the other turning heads across the region.

The story behind yet another shocking separation went viral earlier this week after a legal consultant overseeing it revealed its details to local news sources.

This time, an Emirati groom divorced his bride fifteen minutes into the couple's marriage because he felt he had been insulted by her father.

The two men had previously agreed that the bride's dowry would be 100,000 dirhams ($30,000), with half the amount paid at the signing of the marriage contract and the remaining half outside the wedding court.

The bride's father refused to wait five minutes for the dowry to be paid...

The groom paid the first installment of the money right after the marriage ceremony ended. As he left the court, the bride's father told him he expected the second half to also be paid right then and there.

The newlywed then asked his father-in-law to wait just five minutes so he could go and get the cash, but the latter refused. Instead, he asked that one of the groomsmen fetches the money.

The groom felt insulted by the bride's father, saying his actions were a sign of mistrust. Angered over the situation, he immediately divorced his wife of fifteen minutes.

As usual, no one could even with this divorce...

A few didn't know how to react...

"No luck."

Some thought the bride's family ruined the wedding union

"What is this... the bride's family should have been a bit more patient with him." 

Others completely disagreed with that though

"If you can't pay the dowry right then and there, why go ahead with the marriage!"

"It's better that he divorced her, if that's the start of the marriage, how else would it have ended?"

"Maybe it's what's best for her"

"Her most beautiful days are yet to come."