The case of a woman who's divorcing her husband because he wears "cheap clothes," including the traditional Egyptian "gallabiya" (floor length garment) went viral in Egypt earlier this week. 

According to Masrawy, the wife, identified as Karima, S. comes from an aristocratic family who initially rejected the proposal of her now-husband, Raafat, because he "didn't fit in with the family's social circle."

"I defied everyone to marry him. When he proposed, I set my rules and told him he had to change his appearance and the way he dressed in order for my family to accept him and he agreed. When my family saw that he was changing for the better, they blessed our marriage and even attended our wedding," Karima said

"However, after we got married, Raafat went back to his old ways. He constantly says inappropriate things, his voice is so loud and his appearance is unacceptable. Everyone makes fun of him. My father even jokes about his weird outfits and how he wears a cheap 'gallabiya,'" she added

Before filing for divorce, Karima confronted her husband, asking him to change the way he dresses and handles himself in public. 

"I asked him to buy expensive clothes and brands, but he refused saying there's nothing wrong with what he wears. A fight ensued between us and I left to my parent's house soon after. Even though my father asked him to divorce me, Raafat refused and threatened that he'll take a second wife if I refuse to go back home. He left me no choice but to file a divorce case against him," she explained

People just can't even...

Soon after the story of the divorce case started to make the rounds online, it went viral. 

The majority of social media users were outraged by the wife's statements, accusing her of being classist.  

"Didn't you know he's a Saidi (hails from Egypt's Al Said governorate) who wears the traditional gallabiya, before you married him?"

"Don't you know that a traditional gallabiya costs 2000 ِEgyptian pounds?"

And regardless, what's so wrong with gallabiyas?

"What's wrong with wearing a gallabiya? These are our roots and heritage; we can't renounce them." 

"Wearing a gallabiya isn't something to be ashamed of; I wear one"

Not everyone attacked the wife though

"She has the full freedom to do what she wants. Plus, marrying someone who's equal to you is extremely important; it's not a joke." 

Bizarre divorce cases are certainly on the rise in Egypt

"What's wrong with people? I am starting to worry a woman will divorce her husband because he snores while sleeping."

In a similarly bizarre case this week, a newlywed bride also decided to divorce her husband two weeks into the couple's marriage because he was acting "like a housewife". 

According to Masrawy, the 28-year-old bride, identified as Maha M., headed to one of Egypt's family courts demanding she be granted a divorce from her husband, identified as Mohammad S., because she could no longer handle living with him."

My husband is a housewife. He doesn't let me touch anything in our house and does all the cooking, cleaning and general household chores. He controls everything in our house, and I have no say in anything, not even where he puts the TV set. Even though he owns his own business, he hired people to manage it, in order for him to stay at home, while I sit and watch," she explained.

The "gallabiya," a historical, traditional garment in Egypt...