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Just days after Saudi authorities stated that Lebanon is "declaring war" on the kingdom, the Lebanese-Saudi crisis seems to have moved to social media. 

It all started after Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al Hariri's shock resignation in Riyadh last Saturday. 

Late on Thursday, Saudi Arabia ordered its citizens to immediately leave Lebanon, advising nationals against visiting the country as tensions continue to simmer.  

Just hours later, Saudi tweeps launched a hashtag demanding that Lebanese expats be deported from the country. 

The hashtag went viral on social media

"Deporting Lebanese is a national demand," continued to trend for hours after it was first launched, with hundreds reacting to it.  

While some used the hashtag to launch racist attacks on Lebanese expats and other foreigners in the kingdom, many also came to their defense, deeming the rhetoric "unacceptable." 

"Yes, Lebanese expats in the kingdom must be deported, especially those who are pro Iran."

"They (Lebanese) want to destroy the kingdom"

People are hoping the demand is heard by authorities

"You'll realize our country's value when you die of hunger."

"Lebanese offend our country while living off its goods. OK, we'll deport you. You'll realize our country's value when you die of hunger."

The racist attack wasn't only against Lebanese expats though

"Honestly, I am with this demand, and hope all expats will be deported from Saudi."

Some are now polling people on the matter

Lebanese tweeps chimed in

"Such deep-seated hate in this hashtag."

People are truly shocked

Not all Saudis agree...

"This demand is racist and regressive, we do not condone it. Yes, we're against terrorists and won't tolerate them in our country. But reputable, honest Lebanese are welcome in the kingdom." 

Many raised this point

"Dear expats, our brothers and sisters living away from their homelands. Regardless of where you come from, regardless of race... you are a blessing to our country. The money we have and share with you belongs to God, we were blessed with it and had no role in bringing it about."

"The worst regimes are those who fight people by threatening their livelihoods"