There's no question that summer in the Gulf is just incomparable to anywhere else, and heatwaves in the region can result in pretty unnatural things, which include, but are not restricted to, eggs fully cooking in the heat.

Earlier this week, a video captured by a Kuwaiti man who claims that eggs forgotten in his car overnight were fully cooked when he found them the next day, made the rounds on Twitter. 

In it, he films himself cracking one of the eggs and is then heard saying it was fully cooked in the heat. While some had their doubts over his claim, others think it's highly possible that it's true.

Heat that cooks eggs?

Some just can't even with this

"Is this even possible?"

Others have their doubts about it

"How was he so sure they were fully cooked? Plus the carton he filmed is full, he's lying." 

"I am going to try doing this myself"

The news isn't so unbelievable to everyone though

"It's so hot out here, of course I'll believe this." 

"I don't know about other people but I believe this"

"They're cooked"

"You don't have to boil eggs anymore"

Not the first time eggs cook in Gulf heat

Last year, popular food channel, Fatafeat, fried an egg on a Dubai sidewalk during a summer heatwave that saw temperatures reach 46 degrees Celsius. 

A video capturing the experiment went viral on social media shortly after it was posted on Instagram. Naturally, it sent people into a hilarious meltdown of the sorts.