Egypt, Feminist Power
Pictured: Nawal El Saadawi Source: ABC

Earlier this month, controversial Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry filed a complaint against acclaimed Arab author and feminist Nawal El-Saadawi for allegedly inciting atheism, according to Egypt Today. 

Saadawi appeared on BBC News' show "Bila Koyod" (Without Limits) and stated that all religious texts in the Quran, Bible, and Torah should be amended to suit the respective era they're in and to serve the public interest.

Based on this statement, Sabry claimed she "defamed religion" and referred her to the Criminal Court of Justice. 

Furthermore, Sabry also believed Saadawi's interview "revealed clear blasphemy as it calls for atheism and disbelieving Quran’s texts." 

Saadawi's interview with BBC News' "Bila Koyod"

Saadawi, who is described as "the Simone de Beauvoir of the Arab World," is an 86-year-old psychiatrist, physician, writer, and activist with many publications and books on women, Islam, and the intersection of both. 

Imprisoned in 1981 under Anwar Sadat's ruling for publishing a feminist magazine, she moved to the United States after being prosecuted by religious members but is now based in Egypt.

In 2007, Saadawi claimed the Arabic language is "sexist" and was accused of blasphemy by Muslim scholars for "defaming God and the prophets" in a 1996 play she wrote titled God Resigns at the Summit Meeting.

Pictured: Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry Source: Youtube

In 2008, Sabry accused Saadawi of blasphemy and called to revoke her Egyptian nationality after she suggested rewriting one of the Quran verses to refer to God as a woman.

The Egyptian lawyer also had his share of controversial statements, especially in 2015, when he said on satellite channel Al Assema: "I personally do not believe in something called human rights or organizations for human rights."

According to the Middle East Monitor, his statement "is a perfect reflection of the mindset of the Egyptian legal system, a system which is used as a tool by the Egyptian military government to eliminate all opponents of the regime."