Intense heatwaves have been hitting countries across the world in recent weeks. Whether it's in Europe, Canada, Australia, or elsewhere, everyone now seems to thinks that the summer heat is the worst where they live.

But, that's only because they've probably never set foot in a Gulf country during the extreme summer season. If they had, they'd know that Gulf heat goes beyond any kind of heatwave they've ever experienced. 

Here's proof of just that:

1. Gulf heat literally cooks eggs

"How Fatafeat team cooks eggs when it's 46 degrees Celsius in Dubai."

2. And causes trucks to melt into cement

Yes, this really happened

3. Let's not forget traffic lights, too

4. The kind of heat that sets trees ablaze

5. And truly changes people... for life

6. Getting ready to face a day in Gulf heat is a thing

7. Because it's just like walking into an oven

8. Or...

9. The kind of hot that gets to people who are heat-resistant

10. And that can even be felt by machines

11. Heat that lights your face up with sweat

12. Case in point: Gulf heat is on a level of its own