If you're female and you've lived in a Gulf country, you know summer can be a real pain.

It's hard enough to go out for work, gatherings, or errands while also keeping yourself together in ordinary weather conditions, so imagine what it's like when temperatures are over 50 degrees Celsius.

Here's a glimpse: 

1. Hair problems start getting real

Frizziness, messiness, flatness, you name it...

2. Walking from the car to your doorstep be like:

Yep, pretty much insane.

3. You'll need to spray MAC FIX+ on your face at least 5 times a day

Be prepared and stock up!

4. The beloved shatafa becomes unbearable

Cleaning yourself up with boiling water isn't that much fun.

5. You can't drive without wearing oven mitts

An absolute must-have.

6. Going to the beach is only possible after 5 P.M.

7. Unless you want a pretty bad sunburn...

8. Walking out of an air-conditioned space is the most difficult part of your day

Seriously, if you can stay indoors, do not head out.

9. Watching your weight is an absolute nightmare

Because you're going to need your share of treats to beat the heat.

10. You'll have trouble using your phone

Not even phones can handle this amount of heat.