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A Dubai-based Pakistani man is currently standing trial for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman in a remote desert area, Khaleej Times reported

In the case that dates back to February 1, the defendant is potentially facing years in jail. 

The man allegedly kidnapped his friend and drove her to a remote location where he sexually assaulted her in his car. 

The incident took place after the 29-year-old defendant was enjoying a night out and drinking with the Belarusian woman who works as a teacher in the emirate. 

As he was giving her a lift home later that night, he took a turn to the remote area, forced himself on her, and threatened he would hurt her if she told anyone. 

"He also threatened that he would drop her to a construction site, where many workers would gang-rape her," the English language publication wrote. 

The woman immediately reported the incident

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After reporting the incident to Al Rashidiyah's police department, the woman shared details of the horrific assault with investigators. 

In her complaint, the victim said her assaulter "picked her up in his car and took her to a nightclub, where they consumed alcohol together."

She then asked if he could give her a lift back to her apartment in Port Saeed and he agreed. However, on the way back, the defendant started an argument with her and called her out for dancing with other men during the night out. 

"I realised then that he had stopped at a dark desert location. He told me he wanted to have sex with me," the woman said

She also added that the man started to sexually assault her as she sat in the front seat next to him.

The defendant only let her go after she threatened to jump out of the moving car if he didn't stop. She then hailed a taxi and asked him to drive her to the nearest police station. 

After getting a medical report that detailed injuries she had sustained during the attack, police asked the woman to stay in touch with the accused in order for them to gather evidence against him. 

"I asked him to bring me a bracelet I had dropped in his car to my flat. The police caught him when he came," she explained. 

The Egyptian taxi driver who helped the woman get to police on the night of the incident is now a witness in the case. In court, he told prosecutors that when he spotted the woman on the road, her clothes were torn and she appeared to have been beaten. 

Even though the defendant denied all court charges held against him, including kidnap, sexual assault, blackmail, and making criminal threats, his DNA was detected on the woman's body and on the dress she was wearing on the night of the assault.

He now stands to face serious legal consequences as the trial continues with s scheduled hearing on April 29.