Eating ice cream on social media can get people into legal trouble in some Arab countries, that's what a Kuwaiti fashionista is learning the hard way.

Sana Al Qattan, a social media celebrity in the Gulf state is now being investigated by Kuwait's public prosecution over a video capturing her eating ice cream in a manner deemed "inappropriate and sexual."

Earlier last week, a video showing Al Qattan sucking on a popsicle and using it to color her lips went viral.

The footage sent people into a meltdown of the sorts and eventually led Kuwaiti lawyer Saad Al Enezi to file a complaint against her, leading authorities to investigate the matter.

The lawyer reportedly filed a lawsuit against another fashionista as well

According to news reports, Al Enezi also filed a report against another fashionista whose identity remains unconfirmed, accusing her of hurling expletives at her followers on Snapchat. 

In both his complaints, the lawyer said the women are promoting debauchery. Furthermore, he added that their acts go against Kuwaiti culture and violate Islamic teachings.

Many were happy over the news and hailed the lawyer for taking action

"Good on him." 

A few are now dying to know who the second celebrity is

"I know who the first one is, but who's that other one?!" 

Some think the issue was just blown out of proportion

"You're honestly giving them more attention than they deserve." 

Others are reacting to the incident with sarcasm

"You even persecute people for eating ice cream." 

Many are sharing this point of view

"No one made these people famous except the public, before they used to film footage but no one even knew about them. You can't make someone famous but then be against what they stand for and what they're doing."