Last week, Emirati actor Ahmed Khamis went viral all over social media after proposing to the love of his life on stage, right in front of a huge crowd.

The young man, who is currently taking part in TV program "Arab Casting," proposed to his colleague Mashael al-Shehy, who also works in media, during a live on-stage taping of the show, Al Arabiya reported

Footage capturing the proposal shows Khamis handing al-Shehy a bouquet of flowers, before surprising her with a ring.

"When I first met this woman, she didn’t care about my background or how I look, she only cared about my character," he told the crowd.

"I won't put the ring on her finger because, you know, traditions and norms, but I'll hand it to her and wear mine," he jokingly added.

The young woman got emotional as she accepted the proposal and responded saying: 

"I promise to be your wife, sister, mother and everything."

Before he proposed on stage, Khamis made sure to tell audiences that he had already received the blessings of al-Shehy's family.

The proposal is still making the rounds online

...and it has sparked quite a lot of backlash on social media

Now, a proposal is usually celebrated as a joyous event but not on Arab Twitter, where a few always seem to find reasons to get angry.

This time is no different, as many are attacking the couple for getting engaged live on stage, accusing them of going against the UAE's culture and traditions.

However, not everyone is criticizing the move and many are congratulating the happy couple on their engagement.

Here's a little of what people are saying:

Many tweeps are criticizing the couple over the proposal

"Do you have to show people that you proposed to her and do this whole film? If you asked her hand in marriage from her family and they've accepted, why do this?" 

Some are reacting with comments like these...

"What kind of behavior is this? Doesn't this woman have a family? And you're sharing their silliness on social media, why? Who would accept for their sister or daughter to get engaged on stage or in the street?"

And this...

"They have no shame."

"Where are our values and traditions?"

Some are even hating on al-Shehy's family

"Where are her father and brothers, do they have no say in this or are we just getting used to imitating westerners in everything?" 

Not everyone is against the proposal though...

"They didn't do anything impermissible or wrong, why are your responses so over exaggerated?!!!" 

Many don't even get what the backlash is all about

"We're all wondering why people are attacking them this way!!? Personally, I just want to congratulate them on this."  

And are hilariously hitting back at all the haters

"A tribute to all those upset over the proposal." 

Others are super happy for the couple

"A little bit of happiness and joy from our side of the world. May God bless the happy couple." 

"Romance manifests in this proposal"

"Alf mabrook"

Watch the proposal below: