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Majid Manei Al Omeir, a Saudi husband who allegedly abused his wife over the past weekend, is being publicly shamed on Twitter via a hashtag that topped the platform's trends on Wednesday.

This comes just days after one of the couple's neighbors filmed a video in which the wife was heard screaming for her life as she was being beaten.

Soon after the footage went viral on Twitter, authorities launched an investigation into the case, but then said the incident had been fabricated, adding that no evidence of abuse was found.

However, the woman who filmed the video and thousands of people on Twitter are claiming authorities covered up the crime due to the fact that Al Omeir is related to Assir governorate's official spokesman, Saad bin Abdullah Al Thabit.

They are now refusing to stay silent, taking to social media, demanding that the case is investigated again.

A Saudi Twitter trend like no other

Thousands of Saudi women are now using the case to stand up against domestic violence and raising their voices to call for justice. 

Many are pointing out that Al Omeir might have tried to wrap the case up with the help of officials.

Some are accusing Assir officials of covering up the abuse case

"This TV presenter got what they were trying to do even before it became clear"

Others can't believe it

"Saudis are saying no to domestic violence"

It's now snowballing into a movement against domestic violence in the kingdom

"Let your voices be heard... we are all gonna be with you"

"I hope he gets what he deserves"

Saudi women are refusing to stay silent over this

"If there's no law to protect abused women, we'll become that law"

Amid the intense backlash, Al Omeir spoke up, denying the allegations

In a statement he made during an appearance on local TV show Al Rased, Al Omeir denied all the allegations being made against him.

"Authorities came to my house, showed me the footage and I was shocked by it. I was even more shocked when they said they thought the incident took place in my house," he said. 

The man added that officials fully investigated the matter, interviewing his wife several times and conducting a physical exam on her.

"The medical report in the case proves that my wife wasn't subject to any form of physical abuse. After officials released their reports on the matter to the public, I was surprised to see that my full name was revealed on Twitter and that a hashtag accusing me of being an abuser became a worldwide trend. This is why I have chosen to speak up," he added. 

He also explained that he plans to sue those who defamed him and falsely accused him of being abusive. 

"I ask that authorities continue to investigate the case and if any of these allegations people are making against me are true, then I am willing to accept the strictest punishment," he concluded.

Authorities will now investigate the matter further

The now-viral hashtag has now led top Assir authorities and officials from the kingdom's Ministry of Labor and Social affairs to refer the case to public prosecution.

According to Akhbaar 24, the matter will now be further investigated and a final report on it is set to be released in the next few days.

This comes after an initial investigation into the matter and medical reports reportedly proved the wife had not been abused.