It's not unusual for Dubai authorities to suspend school days during rainstorms, but this week's weather didn't prompt such decisions. 

However, it seems like a local student - or maybe a teacher, because adults also need a break - was so desperate to miss school, they actually faked an official tweet declaring a day off due to rainy weather.

The screenshot was made to look like it was taken from the Twitter account of the emirate's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). 

"In order to provide,safety [sic] for your children the ministry of education has decided to give a holiday on Monday, 18/03/19. #YearOfTolerance" the forged tweet read. 

After the screen grab circulated online, it was spotted by KHDA officials.

Parents of students suspected the tweet was forged sine it featured several errors and included the Year of Tolerance hashtag. 

"Honestly you guys - when did you ever know our rain tweets to be so boring? Now go to sleep - you've got school tomorrow," KHDA tweeted.

In their response, KHDA's social media team not only clarified matters, they also roasted those who created the screenshot ... and people absolutely loved it. 

"I am really liking the KHDA Twitter people"

People are laughing hard

"KHDA always on point"


Believe in the power of creativity

Naturally, students were upset their plan failed

Because they desperately wanted a day off

"Nice try, kiddos"

The good news is, UAE schools affected by heavy rain will actually be allowed to close

Though schools in Dubai were open on Monday, the expected unstable weather may see a few suspensions in the coming days.

Earlier this week, the country's Minister of Education, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, said it's up to schools to decide if they are to shut down or not. 

He also explained that educational institutes that closed due to being severely affected by the conditions can remain shut for a few more days. 

"It all depends on the situation at the school and the road leading to the school. This shall be done in coordination with the Emirates Transport," he explained.

"All relevant powers have been given to the school principals to take the decision they deem fit in coordination with the school operations," he added.