Saudi Arabia's King Salman has always been a huge fan of the kingdom's traditional Ardha dance

On Saturday, the monarch was moved to tears after watching a performance of the dance while attending the annual Grand Horse Race of the Founder's Cup at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack in Janadriyah.

Hours after the event, a video capturing the emotional moment started making the rounds on Saudi Twitter and literally broke the kingdom's internet.

In the clip, the royal can be seen singing along with the Ardha song, and seems to be particularly touched by its lyrics.

Thousands of Saudis have since reacted to the footage and were moved by King Salman's reaction to the Ardha.  

Some said he always gets emotional when he hears the song that was played along with this performance, mainly because its lyrics feature poetry that reminds him of his late father and siblings. 

Others explained that the words also allude to the unification of Saudi Arabia. 

People were moved by the clip

"Your tears are precious to us, I get emotional whenever you are." 

"Our honor and pride"

"My dearest baba Salman"

"This isn't just a poem, it's the journey capturing the unification of the kingdom"

Not the first time King Salman is moved by an Ardha performance

The monarch often sings and dances along to the performance at official national functions.

In 2018, the royal danced to an Ardha while attending the closing ceremony of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival. 

In that same year, he flaunted his dance moves yet again while attending annual festivities held in celebration of the traditional dance at Al Janadriyah festival.

In 2016, King Salman also showed off his stellar dance moves in Doha, performing the Ardha dance at a celebratory welcome performance by a Qatari folklore band.

According to Al Arabiya, the dance is a traditional folkloric performance that was once "associated with military achievements."

Nowadays, it's performed at celebrations and special occasions. It has also come to be considered the national dance of the kingdom.