Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum puts community above all else, and his latest tweet is proof. 

On Monday, Sheikh Mohammed welcomed the third round of an initiative - dubbed Arab Hope Makers - which offers one winner a 1 million dirham award ($273,000) in honor of their philanthropic efforts.

The initiative comes as part of the ruler's initiative - Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives - which aims to promote and honor people who spread hope, positivity, and optimism in their work.

The advertisement announced the opening of applications for the third season of Arab Hope Makers, an initiative dedicated to "celebrating flashes of hope in the Arab world." 

"Required to work with us… Hope Makers of the Arab world… Who have dedicated themselves to helping others. We want their stories to honor them and so they can be models for others." 

"Every person has a talent, that can be harnessed to serve the community…and a river starts with a drop… the resumption of civilization needs initiatives and a conditional giving. Bringing hope back to our region is equal to bringing back life to it… We are in need for every hope story."

Candidates can now submit their stories of hope on the initiative's website as part of the registration process.

The winner will receive 1 million dirhams to develop and expand their humanitarian projects to impact more people.

Since its launch in 2017, the initiative has received over 152,000 applications

The initiative welcomes individuals, teams, and entities that are committed to making a positive impact through humanitarian campaigns and projects. 

"Hope Makers are those who improve lives through education, health, environment, culture, empowerment or community development initiatives, services and volunteering programs," according to Gulf News.

In later stages, finalists are selected based on their "commitment, positive reputation in their communities, credibility, trustworthiness, the impact of their initiatives."