In the wake of the horrific New Zealand mosque shooting, an Australian senator blamed Muslim immigration for the attacks that took the lives of 50 people. The far-right politician Fraser Anning released a statement in response to the attack, and it was vile at best, and Islamophobic at worst.

But, if you thought adults (excluding Anning) were the ones with the brain capacity to humanize people of all religions, one 17-year-old begs to differ. During a press conference in the city of Melbourne, a teenager - identified as Will Connolly - egged the senator for his hate-filled remarks.

The teen was "dragged to the ground by Anning supporters" before he was taken away by police. He's since been released, but the love for him on the internet continues. Fans even launched a crowdfunding campaign in support of his courageousness.

Connolly's Twitter account was suspended following the attack, but he hasn't backed down.

#EggBoyHero goes viral

"The moment when I felt so proud to exist as a human being"

"He did what the majority of Australia wanted to do"

Support came in various forms of art

Creativity at its finest

Animated depictions were brought forth

Art, Humor, and Facts

#EggBoyHero also got a mural in his honor

"The unsung hero"

Remember: "Not all heroes wear capes"

Some heroes just "have eggs"

"May your basket always be full"

"We need to give this guy more eggs"

BREAKING: "An age old question has been answered"

"Long Live The #EggBoyHero"

It was an "egg-cellent" moment

Connolly is "overwhelmed" by all the messages of support