Source: The National

Egyptian football legend Mohamed Salah has been getting loads of media attention in recent years — ever since he transferred to Liverpool F.C. 

He's been making Arabs extremely proud ever since, so much that he's earned the nickname "Fakher El Arab" which is Arabic for "Arab Pride". He's occasionally received requests from fans to become Egypt's President, too. 

Away from all the fame is his companion Magi Sadeq, who has been there through all his ups and downs. Salah made sure to stand up for his wife, daughter, and all women around the world earlier this year. 

Sadeq shies away from any form of social media and doesn't sit for any interviews. But that doesn't mean she's not worthy of our attention. 

Here are some lesser-known facts about her

Sadeq was born and raised in Nagrig, the same hometown Salah was born in and attempts to return to for holidays - except when he's bombarded with paparazzi.

She has a twin sister, Mohab, and two other sisters, Mahy and Miram; their parents were both teachers at Mohammed Eyad Al Tantawi school - where the star couple met. 

The twin sisters earned a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria, unlike the common belief that Sadeq has a degree in Biotechnology. The confusion could be due to an Instagram account that has her name, but that obviously doesn't belong to her. That said account clearly links to the profile of its owner's husband, who, you guessed it, is not the Liverpool forward. 

With international media reporting her profession as being a biotechnologist, confusion will keep on spreading. 

Sadeq and Salah attended the same school and were classmates throughout elementary and junior years. That's when and where their love story began, according to Sadeq's mother.

They got married in 2013 and now have their little angel Makka, named after the holy city in Saudi Arabia - as the devout Muslim couple have their strong faith in common. 

Sadeq was unfortunately heavily criticized following her first public appearance when Salah received the Premier League 2017/18 Golden Boot.  

Her simple and conservative attire drew polarized reactions. She was compared to many footballers' wives who flaunt their presence on social media and dress fashionably. 

Unlike these said wives, she stays loyal to her roots and insists on visiting her hometown whenever she can. She maintains a simple lifestyle, even after all the fame and changes she was exposed to throughout the years.

She's a philanthropist who helps girls from her village with marriage expenses as well as lends a hand to unprivileged families, all while remaining humble and away from the spotlight.