Yes, Mohamed Salah is it for all Arabs.

He gives the world a high sense of pride ... and what does the world give him back? Countless memes praising his humbleness and generosity. 

Laugh your way through the start of 2019 and be reminded of the great gift that is Salah. 

1. On the genesis

2. On the missing 4th Powerpuff Girls

"Mohamed Salah threatens to leave Liverpool if they sign an Israeli player.

Arab pride."

3. On points won for generosity

"Did you know: Mohamed Salah has no dots (points) in his name because he gave them all up for Liverpool to win.

How generous you are, you Arab pride."

4. On empathy

Source: Facebook

"Mo Salah refused to hit the ball so he wouldn't hurt it.

Oh your morals, you Arab pride."

5. On his genius theories

"Did you know: Mo Salah is the one behind the theory of relativity, and it was called the 'Salahia,' but because he's humble and well-mannered, he offered it to Albert Einstein.

You dazzle us every day with your morals, you Arab pride." 

6. On believing in others

"Cristiano Ronaldo's mother said: I was going to abort Ronaldo but I heard a voice telling me 'No, don't have an abortion... he will win the Ballon D'or one day.' Yes, it was the voice of Mo Salah.

Oh your morals, Abu Mecca."

7. On taking less and giving more

Source: Facebook

"Mo Salah covers his mouth to leave more oxygen for the earth's population."

8. On forgivness

"Sergio Ramos converts to Islam after feeling guilty for hurting Mo Salah.

Arab pride."

9. On the abundance of morals

"Mo Salah's medical report:

- 0% fat

- 0% grease

- 100% morals

Arab pride."

10. On weddings

"Mo Salah attends his own wedding. 

We are overwhelmed by your humbleness, you Arab pride."

11. On his love for animals

"Mo Salah saves a fish from drowning.

Oh your morals, you Arab pride."

12. On setting good examples

"While Riyad Mahrez tries to catch all the air by opening his mouth, Mohamed Salah doesn't breathe to leave some air for Muslims.

Oh your morals, you pride of the galaxy."

12. On charity work

"Mo Salah distributes his face to the poor.

Oh your morals, you Arab pride, Abu Mecca."

14. On marriage advice

"Advice: Marry a beautiful girl ... because Salah took all the morals and well behaviors."

16. On being a hero

"Ronaldo tries to drown Georgina, but Salah is there to help.

Oh your morals Abu Mecca."

17. On family

"Mo Salah holds his daughter by himself. 

Oh your humbleness, you Arab pride."

18. On saving the world

"Mo Salah carries planet earth on his shoulders so it wouldn't fall and people die.

Oh your morals, Abu Mecca."

19. On being a feminist

"Mohamed Salah tries labor pain by giving birth.

Oh your morals, you Arab pride."

20. On patriotism

"Mo Salah allows the pyramids to take a photo with him. 

Oh your morals you Arab pride, you slaughter us with your humbleness."

21. On excessive humbleness

"- He avoids looking at the camera so that women don't fall for him.

- He uploaded a photo without a caption for those who can't read.

- He looks at the mirror and doesn't find himself, because there's only one Mohamed Salah."