A lot has happened since chief of the national elections authority, Lasheen Ibrahim, officially announced that the Egyptian elections will be held in March at the beginning of this year. 

Two ex-army generals, Sami Hafez Anan and Ahmed Konsowa, were arrested after announcing their plans to run for presidency, and multiple leading politicians and activists called on citizens to boycott the polls.

Nevertheless, people can't stop talking about it. Here are 12 of the best tweets about Egypt's elections:

1. This family voicing its support... minus one disobedient family member

Walid Al Sharif is now famous for being the black sheep of the family. 

2. This other so called "option"

3. This hard decision

Seems like most people will vote for General Sisi. 

4. This tough guess

Can't wait to find out. 

5. And this huge surprise

No one saw that result coming. 

6. This true hero and president

7. This breaking news announcement

8. This Lebanese journalist who's worried about Sisi

"I'm worried about Sisi. May God be with him and help him succeed."

9. This perfect metaphor

10. This challenging race

That sure is one way to beat the competition. 

11. This guy who doesn't care what anyone says

12. And this loyal fan

Sometimes you have to think outside the box.