One of the rare things that makes Arabs happy or at least lean on the positive scale is the existence of Mohamed Salah. 

The Egyptian footballer owns a contagious smile - along with skills that make any football fan proud. His choice of photos shared on social media, especially his selfies, are a mood booster on any day.

Now, think of all the above and add to it a family photo. Three Salahs in one picture. How about in TWO pictures?

One day: Two Salah family posts

Gotta love the internet

In the first photo, a beautiful portrait captures the family on what looks like a dream vacation by the beach. 

As for the second post, a spontaneous Instagram story, the Salahs are casually - and probably comfortably - posting for a selfie in a Bentley. 

Theories regarding the second photo surfaced ... was it Salah's mom's influence?

For those who missed it, the Liverpool forward was called out by his own mother last week for hugging a female fan while on a visit to Dubai. 

"Oh God what is this? If I saw your dad doing this I'd divorce him," she sent him via WhatsApp. 

Salah didn't hesitate to upload a screenshot of the conversation online, leading to people loving his mother and her typical Arab attitude. 

And just like this, theories came to be about a link between last week's incident and this week's two posts. 

No matter what the reason was, people simply loved seeing the Salahs together

"This is the cutest thing I've seen all day"

"He knows what's most important"

All hail Egypt's royals

Not the first time Salah's wife and daughter are seen in public

Last year, Salah's wife and daughter, Makka, stole the show while they cheered him on as he received the Golden Boot award at a ceremony held in Liverpool, England. 

The annual award is presented to the leading goalscorer in the Premier League and was handed to the Egyptian footballer for the 2017-18 season which saw him finish off with 32 goals.