mo salah mom hugging jokes

On his way back from holidaying in some exotic location - because footballers, out of all celebrities, can afford that - Egyptian football legend Mohamed Salah made a stop in Dubai. 

While there, the footballer and Adidas ambassador hung out with schoolchildren for a Q&A session, followed by an appearance at Dubai Mall's Adidas Originals store. 

Fans were beyond thrilled to meet the star; many showered him with attention and quite a few hugs.

One of these hugs, though, caught the attention of none other than Salah's mother. Seeing it was a woman who was clutched to him, his mother did what all Arab mothers would've done ... grabbed her phone and texted him. 

"Oh God what is this? If I saw your dad doing this I'd divorce him," she sent him via WhatsApp. 

He immediately, without hesitation, posted a screenshot of his mom's comment in an Instagram story.

This image of Salah hugging it out with a fan wasn't the only one that caused a stir online. Lebanese actress Jessy Abdo also bumped into the star at the Adidas appearance and made sure to take a few pics with him. 

The duo's photos sent people into a complete online meltdown and hit the top trends on Egyptian Twitter. 

But it seems that now the focus has shifted towards Salah's mom ... and for good reason. 

Fans fell in love with Salah's mom

"Mohamed Salah's mom commenting on his photo. She's so funny." 

"Mohamed Salah's mom is hilarious"

"Having a go at him for letting female fans hug him is the cutest thing ever"

People just loved this

"An Egyptian mom, everyone"

"Wallah all Egyptian moms are the same"