Jeddah, the beautiful city stretching along the Red Sea coast, is blessed with a plethora of beaches for people to enjoy during the heatwaves in the Gulf region.

Since the summer season isn't getting any better, a dip in the water might be the only thing you need. Take a look at these six beaches in Jeddah and plan the getaway you deserve:

1. Al Saif Beach

When Al Saif Beach first opened up to the public, crowds swarmed to it with no hesitation. Though it doesn't offer many swimming opportunities, it is a great place for picnics and gatherings.

Coordinates: 21.179149, 39.171477

2. Khaleej Salman

For some reason, this beach is very popular amongst single men; perhaps because families are not seen here for miles. 

Many actually spend the night at this beach lying under the open sky, admiring the stars, or under the roofs of makeshift tents.

Coordinates: 21.863024, 38.978100

3. South Corniche

If you're into swimming and fishing, South Corniche is where you should head to. At times even flamingos are spotted chilling here.

Coordinates: 21.270144, 39.123172

4. South Obhur

This time-tested favorite hangout place at South Obhur has long been a favorite amongst Jeddawis. It has a free beach and is a nice place to spend the weekend. 

At South Obhur you can watch the pleasant tides crash into the rock barriers, get that beach experience and at the same time know that you are not that far away from the city.

In addition, amazing restaurants are located close by so you don't have to carry food with you on your visit.

Coordinates: 21.748530, 39.132454

5. Dhaban Marine Park

Located in the town of Dhaban, around 40 kilometers north of Jeddah, this beach makes for an ideal weekend getaway for families. 

Some areas at the beach are restricted to families only, so if you are planning an outing with your loved ones, this is one of the best places you can visit.

Coordinates: 21.847370, 38.995656

6. Thuwal Beach

Thuwal Beach is located around 80 kilometers away from Jeddah and has an amazing harbor from where you can go on boat trips deep into the Red Sea. 

There is even a seaside mosque near the beach that is perhaps one of the largest seaside mosques in the world.

Coordinates: 22.273533, 39.087212