Beyoncé fashion

Beyoncé has rocked outfits and accessories by Arab fashion designers time and again

Over the past weekend, she donned a creation by Beirut-based couture house Azzi & Ostato the annual Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala, also known as one of the U.S. music industry's most coveted events.

Owned by designer duo George Azzi & Assaad Osta, the fashion house has been attracting international attention with their unique designs. 

According to Harpers Bazaar Arabia, their custom-made black fishtail gown took over 300 hours to make and was designed to accentuate the star's curves. 

Photos of Beyoncé wearing the dress took social media by storm earlier this week and continue to make the rounds online.

Azzi & Osta announced the news on Instagram

Queen B also shared photos of her in the outfit

People loved it

Loved it is an understatement...

"She looks like the queen she is"

Azzi & Osta are now so many people's favorite designers

"This is everything"

Many are congratulating the designers on their work