Beyoncé is no stranger to wearing Arab brands ... and this time it's a bag designed by none other than Egyptian luxury brand Okhtein

It all started when the American pop icon posted a photo to her Instagram, donning a skirt, blue sweatshirt, and an orange cross-body ...

The photo went viral, amassing 1 million likes over the course of three days.

It didn't take Okhtein's co-founder long before she noticed that Beyoncé is wearing an item from their collection. 

Mounaz Abdel Raouf announced the news in a Facebook post, with a caption that read: 

"Thank you lord, we are super thankful. Hard work, sweat and tears always pays off. Queen B wearing Okhtein!"

Naturally, people on social media were beyond excited

"Super proud"

Messages of support came pouring in

"Way to go"

"Ta7ya Masr"

About Okhtein


Okhtein was launched in 2013 by two sisters (thus the name of the brand) - Mounaz and Aya Abdel Raouf. 

The brand is considered to be a high-end, yet affordable bags brand. 

Coming from an artistic family, both sisters were already leading a life of arts. 

Between Mounaz’s painting artwork and Aya’s experience with design, Okhtein came to life in July 2014 when the sisters let their artistic tendencies intertwine.

"It was such a shame knowing that all those brand names like Gucci and Channel use genuine leather imported from Egypt and that we have some of the best craftsmanship, yet our market lacks high-end quality bags that bear unique signature designs," said Mounaz. 

Not Beyoncé's first time

Earlier this year, the singer donned an emerald velvet robe designed by Bouguessa, a Dubai-based luxury label by French-Algerian designer Faiza Bouguessa.

She wore the classy velvety dress to a party in Los Angeles, hosted by her sister Solange Knowles. The event aimed to raise money for Alice Reynolds, a food chef in LA.

In May, Beyoncé wore an outfit by Dubai-based maternity brand, Mina Roe. The Arab brand has been gathering substantial attention in the UAE. 

Truth be told, Beyoncé has always been a little more than inspired by ancient Egyptian culture

Beyoncé has been a bit more than inspired by ancient Egyptians. Her song "Sorry" featured a Nefertiti-esque hairstyle. 

In 2006, she played the character of Deena Jones as Cleopatra in Dreamgirls.