When Beyoncé debuted a look on Instagram sporting a bag by Okhtein, the Egyptian luxury brand made waves and headlines all across the world. 

Back in October, the singer/songwriter bought the bag herself from a high-end store in Los Angeles after it had been on display when the sisters, Mounaz and Aya Abdel Raoul, won the Vogue Arabia Award back in April.

As proof of their wide range of design, regardless of status and occupation, many high profile ladies have been spotted with an Okhtein bag. 

Shortly after Beyoncé's photoshoot, Egypt’s First Lady, Entesar el-Sisi, made an appearance at Sharm el-Sheikh’s Youth Forum with a shiny silver bag from the sisters' brand, in an attempt to encourage and support local brands.

Born and raised in Cairo, sisters Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf had the artistic vision and flare to pave their way to success. 

With a deep passion for art, design, and fashion, they combined their skills and launched their brand in 2013, specializing in bags made of leather, cotton, canvas, and straw.  

“It was such a shame knowing that all those brand names like Gucci and Channel use genuine leather imported from Egypt, and that we have some of the best craftsmanship, yet our market lacks high-end quality bags that bear unique signature designs,” Mounaz told StepFeed in a previous interview.

Taking on a philanthropic approach, Abdelraouf's sisters have also previously collaborated with many NGOs in Egypt that assist skilled female workers from economically unstable backgrounds. 

In an interview with Fustany, the sisters revealed that working with local Egyptian artisans is the "hardest yet most inspiring part of our jobs." 

"Before starting OKHTEIN, we were warned by friends and family that working with artisans, especially being a woman is probably the hardest part of this job," Mounza said in her Fustany interview

"Aya and I took it as a challenge and here we are, three years later and we’re still struggling. The struggle however is worth it when we end up designing something so beautiful, getting great feedback from client," she added. 

It's been over four years since the launch of Okhtein and a lot has happened since then. More and more celebrities are spotted wearing their bags, from Emma Watson to Gigi Hadid. 

Their minimalist backpacks and statement bags are shaking up the fashion scene. 

Source: Okhtein

The sisters also told Fustany that creating high-end affordable fine jewelry has been on their calendar, with other collaborations coming up soon, including shoes and perfume.

In November, Okhtein revealed their Spring 2018 collection exclusively to Vogue ME

"Featuring a lineup of handbags, minaudières, and card holders, the collection, dubbed “Soul Handles,” is inspired by Cairo’s Moez Street door knobs," Vogue ME reported

A combination between timeless classics and funky designs

Going international couldn't possibly seem like an issue once one takes a look at the elegant designs they make. 

“Okhtein is a combination between timeless classics and funky designs,” Mounaz told StepFeed.

Okhtein bags are sold worldwide at Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Farfetch, and most recently at Aishti in Beirut.