Beyoncé never fails to impress us with her style. This time it's with an emerald velvet robe designed by Bouguessa, a Dubai-based luxury label by French-Algerian designer Faiza Bouguessa.

The classy velvety dress was being sold for 3,471 dirhams ($945) ... and well, it's already sold out, according to Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Beyoncé donned the dress to a party in Los Angeles, hosted by her sister Solange Knowles. The event aimed to raise money for Alice Reynolds, a food chef in LA. 

She posted a slideshow video to her Instagram account flaunting the gorgeous outfit, garnering over 9 million views at the time of writing. 

People absolutely loved it!

Source: Instagram

"Luv, Luv, Luv"

Not the first time Beyoncé picks an outfit designed by an Arab

In May, Beyoncé donned an outfit by Dubai-based maternity brand, Mina Roe. 

The Arab brand has been garnering substantial attention in the UAE. 

That's not all. Beyoncé has always been a little more than inspired by Arab culture

To be more specific, Beyoncé has been a bit more than inspired by ancient Egyptians

Her song "Sorry" featured a Nefertiti-esque hairstyle. In 2006, she played the character of Deena Jones as Cleopatra in Dreamgirls.